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Ceramic Hook Hone

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High-quality Japanese ceramic. Ideal hook hone for both fresh and saltwater use. One side is serrated for large hooks and the other smooth for small dryfly hooks.

Size: 6mm x 15mm


Grooved Ceramic Heavy-duty Hook Hone

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High-quality Japanese ceramic. This heavy-duty grooved ceramic hook hone is perfect for sharpening any kind of hook. Just slide the hook along one of the four grooves on the rounded side or use the flat side for rough sharpening.

Length: 83mm


Ceramic Clipper

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This slightly modified design for the ceramic clipper provides a flush cut to the knot. The cutting edge is placed right out in the front portion of the plastic housing. Durable and rust proof.

Colours: Green or Blue (left to right in image)


Leader Clipper

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We believe our Leader Clippers are the best tools to cut your leaders and tippets. No fumbling like you often do with nail clippers. Equipped with a built-in safety needle to clean the hook eyes.

Colours: Silver or Black (left to right in image)


Multi Clip

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This new multi-purpose clip can be used as a landing net holder or a gadget retainer, etc. Holds your gadgets and D-ring on your vest with good strength. Stainless steel.


Ferrule Wax

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Ferrule wax for multi-piece fishing rods. Prevents slipping at ferrules.


Shimazaki Leader Splicer

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The Shimazaki Leader Splicer is a great tool for assisting you to get the leader right through the center of the flyline tip with ease. Simply place the flyline along the groove on the inside and push the needlepoint straight in the line tip. The transparency of the tool allows you to see how you are inserting the needle. Instructions included.



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