Scientific Anglers Fly Line Tips and Weighted Leaders

Sometimes you just need a final tweek to your line to get the fly right into the strike zone. Loop on the appropriate tip or weighted leader to your single- or double-handed fly line and you are in business. We have a range of tips and leaders to suit all river and stillwater situations.


Sonar Weighted Leaders

Imagine a world where you need to get a fly down to the fish, but all you have is a floating fly line. In that world, the perfect solution would be our SONAR Sinking Leaders. Luckily for you, we live in such a world. These 10′ leaders attach to the end of a fly line and can put your fly anywhere in the water column. With five different densities, each weighing in at 50 grains, you’ll be able to cover the surface to the depths. Ideal for single-handed lines as well as light double-handed lines, no matter the scenario, you can get down with Sonar.


  • 7' and 10' floating and sinking leaders for use with double- and single-handed lines
  • Weight: 35 & 50 grains
  • Built on a 25lb monofilament core
  • Welded loop on butt end
  • Densities available:
    • Float
    • Hover = 1 inch per second
    • Intermadiate = 1.5 inches per second
    • Sink 3 = 3.0 inches per second
    • Sink 6 = 6.0 inches per second
  • SA ID for quick identification of individual leaders

Grain weight Total length Densities available
35 7.0' Float, Intermediate, Hover, Sink 3, Sink 6
50 10.0' Float, Intermediate, Hover, Sink 3, Sink 6


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Sonar Booby Tip

Booby flies are particularly effective in stillwater fishing situations. However, they need unique setups to fish them properly. We created a 5-foot floating Booby Tip that attaches to the end of any sinking fly line with a loop-to-loop connection, providing enough flotation to suspend Booby flies just above the bottom, away from any snags, right where the fish will be looking for them.


  • Specially designed for tropical environments
  • 5’ floating tip designed to be used with sinking lines to keep leaders and flies suspended off the bottom, away from debris or weeds
  • Looped on both ends for easy rigging
  • Especially effective with Booby-style flies

Grain weight Head length Total length Line weight
25 5.0' 5.0' N/A


TC Textured Spey Tips

When you’re swinging a fly for salmon or steelhead using a two-handed rod, controlling the depth and speed of the fly is paramount. That’s why we created the Third Coast Textured Spey Tips. The TC Tip system is a revolutionary approach to Spey tips, as they’re the industry’s first truly tapered, fully textured, double-density sinking tips. Available in a multitude of densities to get the fly just where you need it.


  • For use in moderate and cold climates
  • The world’s first tapered, textured multi-density Spey tips
  • Shooting Texturing reduces friction, allowing for easier pick-ups of sinking tips
  • Tapered design aids in turning over flies at any distance
  • Available in 8' 80 grains, 10' 120 grains, and 12' 160 grains
  • Full selections available as kits
  • Densities available:
    • Intermadiate/Sink 2 = 1.25/2.0 inches per second
    • Sink 2/Sink 4 = 2.0/4.0 inches per second
    • Sink 3/Sink 5 = 3.0/5.0 inches per second
    • Float/Sink 6 = Float/6.0 inches per second (not included in kit)
    • Sink 7 = 7.0 inches per second
  • Suited for two-hand and switch rods
  • SA ID – SA TC XX ### &&& (XX = length, ### = grain weight, &&& = density)

Grain weight Tip length Densities available
80 8.0' Int/S2, S2/S4, S3/S5, F/S6, S7, 4-tip kit
120 10.0' Int/S2, S2/S4, S3/S5, F/S6, S7, 4-tip kit
160 12.0' Int/S2, S2/S4, S3/S5, F/S6, S7, 4-tip kit


TC Custom Cut Tips

Simply put, this is the easiest way to create your own custom tips. The Third Coast Custom Cut Tips feature a looped 30′ tungsten sinking line in three different density options. Cut the line where you’d like it, and boom: you’ve got two tips—and we all know that two is better than one.


  • For use in moderate and cold climates
  • A 30’ tungsten sinking line with a loop on both ends for creating two complete tips of various sizes
  • Fast sinking
  • Sink rates 7.0–8.0 inches per second
  • SA ID - SA T## (## = grain weight per foot – 12, 14, or 18)

Line weight Grains/foot Sink rate Total length
T12+ 12 7.0 ips 30.0'
T14+ 14 7.5 ips 30.0'
T18+ 18 8.0 ips 30.0'