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Scientific Anglers is credited with being the first fly line manufacturer to break from the tradition of braided silk lines by introducing something truly revolutionary: polymer coated fly lines. No longer did anglers have to treat lines to make them float, or dry them after a day on the water. Scientific Angler’s lines float higher, last longer, and require very little maintenance. Our proprietary manufacturing method allowed us to infinitely adjust tapers, to create lines tailor made for different environments and a variety applications. Scientific Anglers chose to use flexible PVC because of it’s incredible wear and bending strength and weather-ability. That’s how we make the most durable fly lines in the world.

Flex PVC

What is flex PVC?  Flex PVC is made by combining PVC with a suitable liquid known as a plasticiser. Plasticisers are added to make the PVC more supple, so that it can withstand the stress of being bent back and forth (casting for example). The type and loading of plasticiser determines how soft or rigid the end product is. Plasticiser science has evolved over the years and has adapted as needed. Older plasticiser technology used substances called phthalates which came under scrutiny and are now regulated by organisations and legislation like Proposition 65 (US-California) and REACH (EU).

Flexible (plasticised) PVC is still widely used in many different markets like medical tubing, blood bags, flooring, rainwear, boots, automotive interiors, plumbing, imitation leather, inflatable watercraft, and cable insulation to name a few.

Scientific Angler's Current Coating Formulation

Like other industries, Scientific Angler’s coating formulation has adapted over the years to better suit the market and to protect our resources. Scientific Angler’s current fly line coating formulation DOES NOT contain phthalate-based plasticisers present on  California’s Proposition 65 chemical list or regulated by REACH. We are committed to providing the highest quality, most durable and environmentally friendly products that we can.


A final thought, and different perspective on environmentally conscious products:  testing shows that our fly lines are 2-4 times more durable than competitive PVC lines, and 7-8 times more durable than competitive non-PVC lines. We keep more fly lines out of landfills simply by providing a more durable product.




SharkWave Fly Lines

Amplitude Series

When we see room for improvement, we jump at the chance. In this case, we wanted to make our lines even slicker and more durable. Which brings us to AMPLITUDE. The first series of lines to feature the revolutionary AST PLUS slickness additive, the Amplitude will shoot farther and last longer than any other line on the market. It’s SLICKNESS down to a SCIENCE.

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Amplitude Smooth  Fly Lines

Amplitude Smooth Series

Here’s the straight talk: Amplitude Smooth lines with AST Plus are the highest-floating, longest-lasting, premium smooth fly lines on the market. They last twice as long as the closest competitor, and have up to five times less friction. These lines are, simply put, a nesting doll full of slickness that stay slick every time you open one of those scary little dolls right up. Amplitude Smooth lines feature welded loops on both ends for easy rigging and come in three colors, to identify the front taper and end of the head so you’ll know when to pick up your line and cast. Each line also features the SA•ID system that tells you exactly which line this is once it’s on your reel. You want the best smooth lines in the world? Well, I don’t know why you’d look anywhere else.

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Mastery Fly Lines

Mastery Series

Mastery lines represent the pinnacle of our smooth line technology. No matter the species, no matter the situation, we've built a line for it. Everything from dry-fly trout purists to pelagic enthusiasts will find the line they need to catch the fish they crave.

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Sonar Fly Lines

Sonar Series

The Sonar series was designed by anglers for anglers. Built for exploring every inch of the water column, the Sonar series features sinking heads, full-sinking lines, and even custom-cut lines for getting down as deep as you need.

Stillwater angling presents its own unique challenges and demands. Fishing just below the surface with chironomids, camouflaging full-sinking lines, and fishing the hang are all aspects of stillwater andgling we've addressed with out Sonar Stillwater series. Featuring our seamless density and clear camo technologies, lines in our Sonar Stillwater family are designed to catch fish in lakes and reservoirs all over the world.

The Sonar Titan series features lines built on our popular Titan Taper, only, instead of floating, all of these sink. From fishing just below the surface in a small stream to dredging blue holes in the ocean, nothing helps you throw large flies better than the Sonar Titan lines. Each of these lines are built two line-sizes heavy. However, they are designed to be used on rods with the designated line weight. We build them oversized to help turn over large flies and chuck big flies at even bigger fish.

Constructed with our AST slickness additive, Sonar sinking technology, SA ID line identification system and welded loops, the Sonar series is a technologically advanced set of sinking lines for fish of all species. Fresh or salt water, it doesn't matter. We have a Sonar line for the fish you're after.

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Frequency Fly Lines

Frequency Series

The idea behind the Frequency series is a simple one: three floating tapers, three sinking tapers, and limitless fishing options. We kept the choices easy and the prices reasonable. The only question that remains is this: what's YOUR Frequency?

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Air Cel / Wet Cel Fly Lines

Air Cel | Wet Cel Series

Air Cel lines have performed well and provided great value for decades. Paying for quality has never been this easy or affordable. These lines feature all the properties needed in a fly line: good floatation, durability, and tapers that work well for a wide variety of species.

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Spey, Switch, Skagit and Scandi Fly Lines

Double-handed Lines

So, you want the line that 14' Spey rods dream about at night. Or you want an integrated, short-head line designed specifically for shorter two-handed rods. Or you want to run an indicator rig with your two-handed rod. These are the lines for you. We have a line for every two-handed application.

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Shooting Heads and Running Lines

Shooting Lines & Tapers

Scientific Anglers offers a range of shooting heads and running lines to suit situations where maximum distance or depth, or just easy interchangeability are required.

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