Scientific Anglers Backing


XTS Gel Spun Backing

XTS Gel Spun

Premium super-braid backing

If you’re looking for the best backing available, nothing can beat the XTS gel spun backing. With a diameter a fraction of the standard material, XTS retains its strength in the water, offers extreme abrasion resistance, and can fend off the worst the elements have to offer.

  • Micro-diameter gel-spun polyethelene allows up to 75% greater backing capacity than standard materials
  • Retains 100% strength while wet
  • High abrasion resistance, high visibility, impervious to UV rays, gas, salt, and other elements
  • Smooth coating for low coefficient of friction

Strength Diameter Spool size Colours
30lb 0.014" 100yd Yellow or Blue
30lb 0.014" 250yd Yellow or Blue
30lb 0.014" 500yd Yellow or Blue
30lb 0.014" 2500yd Yellow or Blue
50lb 0.016" 250yd Yellow or Blue
50lb 0.016" 500yd Yellow or Blue
50lb 0.016" 2500yd Yellow or Blue
100lb 0.019" 500yd Blue
100lb 0.019" 2500yd Blue

Classic Dacron Backing


Classic Dacron backing
  • Extremely thin
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Colourfast
  • Colours available:
    • White
    • Yellow
    • Orange

Strength Diameter Spool size
20lb 0.018" 100yd
20lb 0.018" 250yd
20lb 0.018" 1000yd
20lb 0.018" 3000yd
20lb 0.018" 5000yd
30lb 0.024" 100yd
30lb 0.024" 250yd
30lb 0.024" 1000yd
30lb 0.024" 3000yd
30lb 0.024" 5000yd

Classic Dacron Backing

Specialty coloured Dacron

Specialty coloured Dacron backing

Backing doesn’t just connect your fly line to your reel, it also provides insurance for those drag-blistering runs of steelhead or bonefish. It works hard. Now let it look good. Our Dacron backing offers a thin diameter, high abrasion resistance, and peace of mind, knowing that the fish of a lifetime won’t be getting away from you this time. Now available in six bold new colors.

  • Extremely thin, low coefficient of friction, high abrasion resistance and colorfast
  • Available in a variety of unique colors:
    • Black
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Optic Green
    • Pink
    • Aqua
    • Red/White/Blue
    • Green/Yellow/Red
    • Orange/Yellow/Blue
  • Red/White/Blue and Green/Yellow/Red tri-color backing alternates in 30ft. color segments
  • Orange/Yellow/Blue tri-color backing alternates in 100ft. color segments
  • Includes both vibrant and stealthy offerings
Strength Diameter Spool size Colours available
20lb 0.018" 100yd Black; Red; Blue; Optic Green; Red/White/Blue
20lb 0.018" 5000yd Black; Red; Blue; Optic Green; Pink; Aqua; Red/White/ Blue; Green/Yellow/Red
30lb 0.024" 250yd Black; Red; Blue; Optic Green
30lb 0.024" 500yd Orange/Yellow/Blue
30lb 0.024" 5000yd Black; Red; Blue; Optic Green; Pink; Aqua; Green/Yellow/ Red; Orange/Yellow/Blue