Innovator HLS² High Performance Fly Rods


Innovator's all new HLS² series fly rods represent the pinnacle of design and performance in fly rod technology. Innovator has once again proven that quality and performance can be achieved for under $400 retail.

Building on the success of our Velocity series our manufacturer approached us 18 months ago concerning new graphite with improved durability and core strength through an advanced multi-directional carbon-fibre matrix which enables our new HLS² series to be lighter and stronger.

We have taken a great deal of  time in ensuring each line class represents its true purpose, by this we mean that our creek rods in 3 and 4 weight are medium action, our river and lake rods are medium/fast actions and our saltwater series are fast actions. No need to have a fast action on a creek rod where light tippets, delicate presentations and short distances are its primary use; likewise it is important to have fast action on 7, 8 and 9 weight rods where weighted air resistant flies and fast moving species are your primary target. We encourage all fly anglers to visit their local fly tackle retailer and try the new HLS² series of fly rods, you will not be disappointed in either their performance or presentation. From tube to fittings, simply no corners have been cut and they equal rods twice their price!


Innovator Fly Rod

7'6" 3 Weight Medium Action

Think of headwaters in mountain streams, think alpine rivulets and you get the picture of how this lightweight fly rod fits into the range. With its compact 7’6” length allowing access into overgrown areas in headwaters of streams, presentation is your only focus as your line travels beneath the overhanging obstructions like scrub and branches. Designed with a medium action for delicate presentation in shallow, clear riffles and pools, your fly will land accurately and softly, not alerting the spookiest of trout.

Light tippets, small flies and pan sized trout, does life get any better?
We recommend using a Scientific Anglers VPT (Versatile Presentation Taper) designed for delicate dry-fly fishing.

Innovator Fly Rod

8' 4 Weight Medium Action

Heading downstream from the headwaters, the river starts to widen and bankside vegetation becomes more open. More distance is required and windier conditions prevail. The 8’ length and additional line weight allows longer casts in the bigger pools and also helps keep your back cast up where banks and long grass can be a hindrance. Having a slightly heavier line enables the angler to suspend droppers with lightly weighted nymphs from the dry fly for covering both surface and sub-surface situations on the same drift. This rod is an absolute joy to use and will become the favoured choice amongst stream anglers.

We recommend using a Scientific Anglers SBT (short belly taper) with this rod. Its short head design delivers flies at short-medium range with great line control but can turn over weighted nymph/ dropper configurations while maintaining light presentation when used with long leaders.

Innovator Fly Rod

9' 5 Weight Medium-Fast Action

For larger rivers, faster flows, and wider sections, you will not feel under-gunned with the HLS² 9’ 5-weight. Think of the Mitta Mitta, Swampy Plains and Goulburn Rivers and you get an idea of the rivers where this rod is at home. Swinging wets with a wet tip or sinking line, short line nymphing utilising its 9’ length for better line drifts, evening rises with dry flies - this is the ultimate river rod. This rod fills the requirement for a line weight that can handle longer casts but still has delicate presentation for that evening rise while maintaining control of hooked fish in fast flowing water. Also an ideal rod for polaroiding the western lakes of Tasmania where windy conditions are encountered.

Recommended Floating Fly Lines:

  • Dry flies and unweighted nymphs – Scientific Anglers Trout Taper
  • Nymph Fishing – Scientific Anglers Textured Nymph/Indicator Taper

Recommended Sinking Fly Lines:

  • Scientific Anglers Freshwater Wet Tip III, IV, V, Clear
  • Scientific Anglers Uniform sink II thru V
Innovator Fly Rod

9' 6 Weight Medium-Fast Action

New to fly fishing? The 6-weight is the highest selling rod weight in today’s market for freshwater fly anglers. The most universal rod weight for cross over between river and lake fishing. With a range of Scientific Anglers fly lines this rod can be transformed into a dry fly specialist or a beast for casting large wet flies on fast sinking lines. Consult your local Scientific Anglers dealer for their recommendation of lines to suit your particular situation. Compare the difference next time you're shopping to update your old technology!

Recommended Floating Fly Lines:

  • Small Dry Flies – Scientific Anglers Trout Taper
  • Large Dry Flies – Scientific Anglers Siege Taper
  • Lakes Fishing – Scientific Anglers Expert Distance
  • River/Lake – Scientific Anglers GPX Taper (general purpose)

Recommended Sinking Fly Lines:

  • Scientific Anglers Stillwater – Clear Sink
  • Scientific Anglers Uniform Sink – sink rates from II thru to V
Innovator Fly Rod

10' 6 Weight Medium-Fast Action

Originally becoming popular in the late 90’s when John Horsey from the UK did some loch-style clinics in Australia, the 10’ 6wt fly rod has become a favourite with lake and boat anglers in Australia. For shore based anglers the addition of 1’ allows deeper wading while keeping back casts away from tussock’s and thistle bushes. The extra power generated in its longer length means covering larger areas of lakes and reaching those midge feeders along the ripple line. The 10' length is popular in boats due to its ability to cast teams of dries or wets with 15–20ft leaders easily. It also provides the ability to hang your flies with ease, something that is difficult with 9’ rods. We consulted with some of Australia’s leading competition anglers who seldom use rods shorter than 10’ and they provided feedback on the flaws that their current 10’ rods exhibited. The major issue discussed was the balance of 10’ rods which often felt tip heavy due to their additional length. Innovator had some prototypes made with counter balances built right into the reel seats and the competition guys gave the design a big thumbs-up. The reel seat system can be altered to balance with your particular reel/backing/line, so wrist fatigue is reduced. With the 4 x 9 gram removable weights supplied, balancing your outfit has never been easier. Next time you're in the market for a lake or boat rod, check out our 10’ HLS2 , the best performing and best value 10’ rod on the market.

Recommended Floating Fly Lines:

  • Teams of dries or wets – Scientific Anglers Anadro Taper
  • Single dry fly presentation e.g. mayfly hatches and midge feeders – Scientific Angler Expert Distance

Recommended Sinking Fly Lines:

  • Scientific Anglers Sonar Stillwater Intermediate – Clear Sink
  • Scientific Anglers Sonar Uniform Sink  - sink rates from II thru to V
  • Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan INT/Sink 3/Sink 5 Triple Density - provides straight-line connection to fly, excellent for pulling a team of wets quickly
Innovator Fly Rod

9' 7 Weight Saltwater Action

The design of the 7-weight rod was our biggest challenge as the question kept arising, freshwater or saltwater? The conclusion,based on ideas put forward and discussions with well-respected guides, was SALTWATER. With modern graphites, and the line speeds now generated, the 6-weight rod is more than capable of casting long distances when searching lake margins for trout.

The 7-weight HLS² saltwater rod is a weapon; smooth and powerful and an absolute joy to cast. This rod is ideal for all your estuary/inshore requirements; chasing bream, flathead, Australian salmon and the mighty bonefish. This rod is a must to try before you purchase your next 7-weight fly rod.

Recommended Floating Fly Lines:

  • Flats Fishing (skinny water) - Scientific Anglers Textured Grand Slam Professional Custom Taper or Bonefish Taper
  • Drop Offs Flats Fishing - Scientific Anglers Textured Saltwater Clear Tip
  • General Floating for fishing on or off the flats – Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Saltwater Taper or Scientific Anglers Mastery Saltwater Taper

Recommended Sinking Fly Lines:

  • Fast sinking line – Scientific Anglers Streamer Express 250gr
  • Boat fishing deeper flats (Exmouth) - Scientific Anglers Streamer Express Clear 250 gr (30’ slow-sinking head)
Innovator Fly Rod

9' 8 Weight Saltwater Action

A true all-round saltwater fly rod, designed with all the features required in what is often a challenging and harsh environment. Open water with afternoon sea breezes, fast moving fish where speed and presentation are vital and the most often critised comment made concerning saltwater rods - “it must succeed in picking up/water halling the fly line without straining under this extra load”. The 8-weight is a great choice for many species and is a delight to cast from sun up to sun down without fatigue. Ideal for fishing the flats, sneaking up that mangrove creek chasing boofing barra and, when combined with our 9-weight HLS², you will have the ultimate kit for that yearly trip up north covering both inshore and offshore species.

Recommended Floating Fly Lines:

  • General Purpose – Saltwater Taper
  • Poppers, Dahlberg’s, Whistler’s, mangroves, short casts – Redfish Taper
  • Flats Fishing – Scientific Anglers Textured Grand Slam Professional Custom Taper or Scientific Anglers Bonefish Taper
  • Skinny water long distance large flies poppers etc – Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Saltwater Titan Taper
  • Skinny water bottom fishing (threadfin, golden trevally etc.) – Scientific Anglers Textured Saltwater Clear Tip (Floating/Sinking)

Recommended Sinking Fly Lines:

  • Large flies, Whistlers, deep Clousers, etc. – Scientific Anglers Textured Titan Intermediate
  • Scientific Anglers Streamer Express Clear Tip 300gr
  • Scientific Anglers Streamer Express Fast Sink 300 gr
Innovator Fly Rod

9' 9 Weight Saltwater Action

The 9-weight fly rod is ideal when chasing pelagics offshore; longtail tuna, mac tuna and their brethren are powerful fish and the low-down grunt of a 9-weight assists in landing these speedsters. Also an ideal line weight for chasing those flats species like permit, golden trevally, etc. when strong tidal movement demands large dumbell eyes to ensure your crab pattern is sitting on the bottom. We have extended the fighting butt on the 9-weight by 6mm to help keep the fly reel handle away from shirts etc. during those extended battles with larger species. When dealing with wind, current and larger species, look no further than our HLS² 9-weight.

Recommended Floating Fly Lines:

  • General Purpose – Saltwater Taper
  • Flats Fishing - Textured Grand Slam Professional Custom Taper or Bonefish Taper
  • Skinny water, long distance, large flies, poppers, etc. – Sharkwave Saltwater Titan Taper
  • Skinny water bottom fishing (threadfin, golden trevally, etc.) – Textured Saltwater Clear Tip (Floating/Sinking)

Recommended Sinking Fly Lines:

  • Large flies Whistlers, deep Clousers, etc. – Titan Intermediate
  • Pelagics feeding on baitfish - Streamer Express Clear Tip 350gr
  • Sub-surface, bommies, etc. - Streamer Express Fast Sink 350gr