Innovator Freestone Series Fly Reels


The Innovator fly reels contain a cassette-style drag system, featuring 3 carbon disc washers for heat disbursement and ultra-low start up inertia to protect even the lightest tippets. They are of Large-Arbor design enabling fast line retrieval and cast-aluminium construction for excellent strength-to-weight ratio. The spools are easily removed via a pressure fit system which eliminates the loss of any parts. The reels are easily converted from left to right hand wind via unwinding the cassette cap and reversing the one-way bearing.


Innovator Freestone Reel

Freestone 3/4/5

The ideal choice for small streams with lightweight rods.


Diameter: 76mm
Weight: 120g
Capacity: WF4F + 80 yards
Innovator Freestone Reel

Freestone 5/6/7

An all-round trout reel for rivers and lakes. Also great for bass and light saltwater use.


Diameter: 86mm
Weight: 130g
Capacity: WF6F + 100 yards
Innovator Inshore Fly Reel

Inshore 7/8/9

A great reel for targeting inshore saltwater species such as flathead and snapper. Also ideal for pelagics such as salmon and small tunas.


Diameter: 97mm
Weight: 160g
Capacity: WF8F + 200 yards